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Cropover 2010 Video

This year at Cropover, we will be staying at
The Golden Sands Hotel in Barbados!
Check out their site or call 246-428-8051
for more information! Schedule of events

Call David Martin at 617-293-8357 for flight information.

Call the Request Line at (617) 282-0062

The Caribbean Connection has been serving the Caribbean community in New England for over 34 years. Our mission is to inform and enlighten our community by providing timely news and information about the Caribbean and our community here in New England. Each week you, our audience, are entertained by a variety of music and news from the Caribbean, and are also delighted by recipes from the same region. You can listen to us here 24/7 for the sounds of the Caribbean, from Hip-hop to Soca, Calypso, Steelpan, Pan Jazz and Classical Pan. Send us an email or call our Request Line at (617) 282-0062 to request your favorite Calypso, Steelpan or Brass Band song, and help us program your favorite music. We are live every Tuesday from 8-10pm, and every Saturday from 9am-1pm. Listen online 24/7 at connectcarib.com, and whenever you are in Boston, tune in to BIG CITY 101.3FM.

During the Christmas season, join us for our annual live Christmas Greetings call-in show to wish your loved ones a happy holiday. Every year around Christmastime, we go live to the Caribbean, via our connection to radio stations on various islands, including Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Barbados. Our listeners are able to reach out and touch members of their families who they are separated from during this special time of year.

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Thank you for tuning in to the Caribbean Connection on BIG CITY 101.3FM.

-- David Martin

Call me at (617) 293-8357