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Angel Naphtalie Aiguier

Angel was born in San Jose (Orange County), California and lived in California, Boston, Vermont, Martha's Vineyard, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she has resided since 1978.

Angel graduated from Martha's Vineyard Regional High School in 1975, then attended Boston Acting School in 1989-1990, Columbia School of Broadcasting in 1990-1991, NE Modeling School in 1991-1992, and Northeast Broadcasting School & Recording Arts in 1992-1995.

Angel has done model work, floor directing, special effects, set design, and camera operating work. She has worked with several student producers in Boston creating thesis films.

Her experience with radio is extensive, working at Kiss 108 FM, WJIB, and WRCA 1330 AM. Angel currently interns at CCTV (Cambridge Community Television) under Art Man, Cable cooridinator, as Cablecaster, and Special Projects. She produces features for CCTV, and has a WCCR Radio Broadcast Show every Friday from 12-2PM.

She also is part of a member team effort video news magazine: "YOU ARE HERE" crew, airing Cambridge-based News, Entertainment, and Interest Stories. Angel produces segments monthly, and assistes with outreach, facilitator duties, and editing.

Angel remains faithful and diligent to David Martin, and the Caribbean Connection, weekly every Saturday, on 1330 AM-12-7 PM, performing several duties, which include: Reading Live Script for Promo's, PSA's, Birthday Greetings, Anniversay's, Wedding Annoucements, New births, Death annoucements (Concolances) ect. She also, operates the board, answers phones, reports Feature Stories and Events, and so much more. She is known for being the "Angel of the Airwaves", bringing lots of inspiration and healing to the listeners. Angel is loved by her many fans and listners, for her kind, thoughtful, and caring personality. Angel has travelled to Trinidad, on several Occasions, and is well known through out the Cairbbean Community.